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Level 2 Treatment

Our Full Interior Cleaning

Minimum requirement to combat COVID-19.

Everything in Level 1, plus...

A Level 2 Treatment includes everything from a Level 1 treatment, plus...

Plus the following...

Advanced Detail employees are trained in the proper application techniques of all products used to disinfect the aircraft.
Appropriate PPE will be used during all servicing.

Complete Kitchenette Disinfection

A comprehensive disinfection of all areas of the Kitchen including: Countertops, Sink / Faucet, Cabinet hardware and faces, Drawer hardware and faces, Cooking surfaces, Microwave / Oven, Ice Bin, Cutting boards, Trash Bins

Complete Lavatory Disinfection

A comprehensive disinfection of all areas of the Lavatories including: lavatory countertops, lavatory sinks and faucets, all cabinet hardware and cabinet faces, all drawer hardware and drawer faces, toilet, trash bins and mirrors along with all other surfaces.

Complete Main Cabin Disinfection

A comprehensive disinfection of all Main Cabin areas including: Clean, Polish and Disinfect all Cabinets - Clean and disinfect all service ledges and tables - Clean and disinfect entertainment center along with all touch screens - Disinfect headsets / headphones and phones - clean and disinfect all trash bins.

Throughout Interior

A deep cleaning of all interior areas is performed including the following throughout the aircraft: Clean and Moisturize all leather seating, Clean and disinfect all window surrounds, Clean and disinfect all mirrors / windows / plexiglass, Clean and Disinfect main entry, steps and baggage area, Lightly dust flight deck


Only CDC and WHO approved techniques and products are used to care for fabrics throughout the aircraft. Depending on the specific materials in your aircraft, appropriate disinfectants will be used to treat Soft Surfaces (Carpets, fabrics, liners)

Multi-Surface Wipes

Both Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral wipes are used throughout the aircraft on Hard Surfaces (Countertops, Cabinets, Drawers, Kitchen, Lavatory) to treat high touch areas. Very meticulous attention is applied during the application process.

Hospital Grade

Advanced Detail has been disinfecting aircraft for over 20 years and has implemented hospital grade protocols and products that thwart high risk bacterial, viral and fungal areas of an aircraft.

Need Flight Deck Attention?

As an optional service, Advanced Detail is experienced in the proper techniques and care of flight decks. If your crew needs disinfection support of the control surfaces of your aircraft please consider a Level 3 Treatment.

Check out Level 1

A Level 1 Treatment is our most basic interior cleaning treatment for quick turns.

Check out Level 3

A Level 3 Treatment builds on Level 2 by offering optional comprehensive services.