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Level 1 Treatment

Our Basic Interior Cleaning

In light of COVID-19 current events, this service is not adequate enough to handle safety precautions of preventing spread of the virus. We therefore will only recommend a Level 2 or Level 3 service.

Entry Area

Caring for the entry way helps to set the tone for a luxurious experience. Let us help you set the right impression!

HEPA Filter

Using a HEPA filter compliant vacuuming system we will vacuum all carpeting throughout the aircraft.

Cross Roll Seatbelts

We will wipe down all seats and seat belts. We will also roll and stow all seat belts for a clean and reset look and feel.

Wipe Down Reflective Surfaces

We will wipe down all Mirrors, Windows and Plexiglas to remove fingerprints and water marks.

Wood & Metal

We will wipe down all Wood, Metal, Tabletops and Countertops to remove remove fingerprints, water marks and signs of usage..

Light Disinfection

Our Level 1 services include disinfection of the following surfaces / areas: Toilet, Sinks, Countertops, Cabin Headsets and Cabin Phones.

Trash Removal

Remove all trash from trash bins as well as disinfect the can. Replace trash bags as needed.

Check Out Level 2

If you need a full interior cleaning and disinfection, consider our
Level 2 Treatment option.